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AP Biology students pick a winner

Adamary Crespo gives her speech on the cell membrane. There were campaign posters made, stump speeches given and mud-slinging between candidates, but after the vote there was one sure-fire winner.

The winner of today’s big election – Mitochondria.

Students in Jennifer Santjer’s AP Biology class spent the past couple of weeks studying cell parts. Then, as a culminating project, each student in her class was given a cell part, or organelle, to learn about and create a campaign around. The idea was for students to learn about their cell part, then convince their peers that their cell part was the most important to a cell’s function.

On Election Day, Tuesday, Nov 6, students gave their stump speeches. Students talked about lysosomes, vacuoles, the cell membrane, cytoskeletons, the golgi apparatus and other vital cell components. Students talked about what makes their organelle important to the cell, as well as addressing any health concerns that surround that particular part of the cell.

After looking at the campaign posters, reading through informational pamphlets students made, and listening to their speeches, the students each voted by secret ballot. And the winner was Mitochondria – a candidate backed by Briseida Espindola.

Pictured is Adamary Crespo giving her campaign speech on the cell membrane.