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Supply chain issues lead to new reusable flatware for all students

Supply chain issues are starting to hit home. Students across the district are going to feel the pinch supply issues are causing around the world.

In recent weeks our Food Service Department has found it’s nearly impossible to find sporks. In recent years, students across the district have used sporks – a combination spoon and fork – to eat everything from Spanish rice to chili. But the piece of plastic flatware has recently gotten really difficult to come by.

So while the district hasn’t been able to source sporks, our Food Service Department has been making do with what they could find and what they happened to have in stock. This means recently students haven’t always been using the correct utensil for the correct type of food. For example, students might be eating macaroni and cheese with a fork and salad with a spoon. Students have been forced to use what is available when it’s available.

But that’s going to change. The district recently ordered more than 3,500 reusable fork/spoon combinations. It’s one utensil with a fork on one end and a spoon on the other end. It’s made of heavy recycled plastic, comes in a special carrying case and is washable and reusable.

Every student in the district will receive one of these reusable fork/spoon combinations when the shipment arrives sometime in January. Then students will be responsible for their flatware.

Our Food Service Department was happy to have found the reusable flatware, especially at a time when plastic forks, spoons and sporks are becoming scarce.

“We just want to ensure that our scholars continue to have access to nutritional meals and have a way to eat them,” said Food Service Director Marcia Wagner.

In the meantime, if families would like to send their own reusable flatware to school with their child, it would be appreciated. Any reusable flatware sent with students will help us ration the few plastic spoons and forks the district still has on hand and hopefully help them last a little longer.