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We are excited to begin welcoming more high school students back to the building

The Grandview School District is excited to announce that we will be expanding our Small Cohort Learning at Grandview High School. On Tuesday, Feb. 2, the Yakima Health District announced a recommendation allowing high schools in Yakima County to open their buildings for hybrid learning.

Of course, working to bring as many of our high school students back as safely possible will take some planning and time. According to the Yakima Health District recommendation, we will need to submit a plan to their agency, have onsite visits from the health district and continue the strict safety measures we already have in place in our elementary and middle schools.

With all that in mind, we have decided to begin the work of bringing high school students back into the building by first expanding our Small Cohort Learning.

Grandview High School currently has about 150 students taking part in Small Cohort Learning. These students come into the building, sit in a classroom with a teacher and take all of their classes for the day on Zoom. Students follow all safety procedures including conducting a daily health attestation and temperature screening, wearing a mask, social distancing and hand sanitizing. Being in the building gives these students a sense of accountability and community, while also giving them access to reliable internet and other services.

On Feb. 16, Grandview High School plans to expand that model with each teacher hosting anywhere from 7 to 8 students in their classroom for Small Cohort Learning.

While we prepare to expand our Small Cohort Learning, we are also exploring hybrid options that would bring students into the building for a certain amount of time each week, while also having days when they would be learning from home. The high school is exploring all options to find the best fit for our community, families and scholars. We plan to offer hybrid learning in time for third trimester. We will also continue to offer full remote learning for students and families who are uncomfortable with returning to campus.

To help gather information and put a plan together, our GHS team will be surveying families to see which students want to be back in the building. We will have more to share with families as this information is gathered and decisions are made. For now, please watch for a survey from the high school, which will be coming out later this week.