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Parents learn about staying safe on the internet during second Parent University class

Parent University. On Thursday, Sept. 26, Arthur H. Smith Elementary School staff lead the district's second Parent University class of the new school year. The topic was Modeling Behavior on Social Media.

Smith staff talked about parents taking care with they say and post on social media, and to work to follow the same rules they set for their children. For example, don't say anything online you wouldn't say in person.

Smith staff also talked about the importance of talking to your children about staying safe on the internet - setting boundaries and letting them know it's not safe to share certain information online.

Parents left the evening with resources to help talk about internet safety with their children.

Our next Parent University class - Parent U 203: Quality Time - is set for Thursday, Oct 24, and is being organized by the staff at Harriet Thompson Elementary School. Reserve your place today - call Harriet Thompson at (509) 882-8550.

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