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Construction Update - New GHS project is on time & on budget

School board stands in what will be in the main gym. It’s been six months since the Grandview School District broke ground on the new high school project, since then the community has watched as the practice football and soccer fields have given way to tall block walls, a massive blue crane and rows of steel girders.

The Grandview School Board was recently given the opportunity to tour the construction site and get an up-close look at the progress that’s being made. Craig Yeagley, project manager and superintendent for Fowler General Construction, said as of April 23, the science wing of the building had been built up to the roofline, the roof would be going up soon and they would be pouring the base for the second floor above the school’s main office section of the building any day.

Once all of that has been completed, crews will get to work setting the tresses across the roof of the main gym, and the foundations will be laid for the auditorium and music rooms.

Yeagley said over the course of the next three weeks the crews would be at 90 percent completion on foundations for the building. The remaining 10 percent will be completed once the crane is removed from the site.

Walking through the construction site you can step into what will be the main gym, all of the exterior walls are already up and you can begin to get a sense of both the scale and the possibilities for what’s to come. The science and technology classrooms are already framed in and ducting is in place. GHS Principal Kim Casey pointed out the different areas in one of the science classrooms, showing school board members where the classroom space will be compared to the lab portion of the room.

In the science wing you can already step out of what will be state-of-the-art of the classrooms into the main hallway. You can look down what will be the main corridor and see the light at the end of the hall, where the commons area will be built. Yeagley said crews have been working on the classroom and gym areas, but will soon turn their focus to the commons and auditorium. Walking through the dirt, which will one day be where the large commons area is you can see the form where crews are getting ready to pour the foundation for the curved stage in the auditorium.

Just six months into the project, the changes and progress are impressive.

Heath Gardener with the Wenaha Group said the project is going well both on site and on the books. He told the school board that the project is still on budget.

He also talked about the effect winter weather had on the project. When snow hit crews were in the middle of masonry and steel work. He said the heavy snow stopped the project in its tracks for nearly a month. But since temperatures have been on the rise, Gardener has been working with Yeagley and Fowler Construction to make up the time. He said to date, the district has paid for five days of overtime, but made up 15 days on the construction schedule.

“By carefully choosing those spots where they can get the most done,” Gardener said that’s how crews maximized their overtime. He expects they’ll be able to get the project back on schedule soon. Board members stand in the main hallway of the science wing.

“The job is just going so fast right now,” Gardener said.

Yeagley said it won’t be long before sheetrock starts going up in the teaching wing, but with several hundred thousand square feet to cover, it’s going to take time.

At this point the project is on schedule and on budget. The district plans to have the new school ready for students in the fall of 2020.