Message from Principal Lind

  • Picture of Princpal Lind Welcome to Arthur H. Smith Elementary! 

    My name is Jared Lind and I am the building principal. Before I became principal, I taught for eleven years as a third, fourth and fifth grade teacher at McClure Elementary. I was also the head track and field coach at Grandview High School. Because of my experiences, I have been involved with students and learning at both the elementary and secondary levels.
    When your child attends our school, I truly believe they are going to get an amazing opportunity. First and foremost, we believe that building relationships comes first. Your child will be surrounded by role models who will take the time to get to know them and build positive relationships that will create a sense of belonging and safety here at our school. This begins on the first day of school and will continue throughout their career at Smith.
    We also emphasize character building and respectful behavior. For anybody who has ever visited our school, you will notice that students make you feel welcomed and acknowledge you. We have monthly character assemblies and honor positive behavior, attendance and good deeds. It is my hope that these qualities that are emphasized and reinforced at school will also be displayed at home and in our community.
    I observe great learning and teaching opportunities happening at all grade levels. More than ever students are being pushed in their thinking and are being held accountable. This is being accomplished by allowing students to demonstrate their understanding of important skills and concepts through talk, explanation of their written work and quick assessments designed to show whether students understand the skills being taught. Students are also learning from each other. It is common to hear students agreeing, disagreeing or wanting to add to the thinking of their peers.
    Every day the learning is intentionally tied to learning standards* that students are being asked to master. This intentionality is possible because teachers are writing and sharing learning targets with success criteria with their students. What this means is that students know what they are learning and how they will be asked to show understanding of the skill. We have also taken the time to make sure that each grade level is teaching to mastery the most important learning standards. Teachers have set high expectations for all students and the result is that they are ready and prepared for the next grade level.
    We continue to partner with parents to support student learning. Parents are making sure that every night their child has the opportunity to enjoy a book, review homework and sign their student planner. Attendance continues to increase at Open House, family nights, and PACT days. This is making a positive difference! 
    The strong partnerships and commitment amongst staff, students and parents continues to build student success! More than ever students are prepared to succeed and their level of confidence in the classroom is clear and evident.
    This year I have already observed learning breakthroughs and expect to see continued student growth. I invite you to visit our learning community and observe great teaching and learning.
    Jared Lind, Principal