Message from Principal Casey

  • Kim Casey Another school year is upon us and students around the world are anxious to see what is new in their school. Grandview High School students are no different; our students come to us excited, nervous and anxious for this next phase in their life. As I begin my second year at GHS I am continuing on with my current goal of increasing our on-time graduation rate and making GHS a school where EVERY student is safe, happy and able to grow intellectually and become the person they are dreaming of becoming.

    Almost every time I visit with a parent or community member I hear statements like “I can’t help them with their homework,” “times are so different,” “what’s with the new math” and I have to say that education is not just about memorizing something for a test or just about getting the A, but it is about gaining life learning that will make students ready for college, work and life.

    We, at GHS, have refined our mission to read:
    We at GHS are:
    • Committed to building caring relationships
    • Dedicated to academic growth and perseverance
    • Invested in the future of our students and community

    We have the most students that we have ever had enrolled. As of Friday, Sept. 2, the enrollment was 936. With this increase in enrollment it is necessary to make sure that we serve ALL students regardless of language, race, socio-economic status or academic prowess. As we strive for the highest test scores and 24 credits needed for graduation, we must remember that graduation from high school is not the final step in a student’s journey, but it is a step in life. My job as principal is to make sure students are leaving high school ready to take on their next journey in life.

    No one stakeholder can achieve this alone. So we need to take a teamwork approach. We need parents to help us get students to school every day and on time, we need the community to support our students and their efforts, but most importantly we all need to know that the hard work pays off and ultimately the community of Grandview and its residents are the ultimate winners.

    My door is always open. We invite you to come and volunteer or just stop in to say hi. There is a comments and suggestion box outside of my office. Please feel free to share with me your thoughts.

    Kim Casey

    desk: (509) 882-8791
    cell: (509) 899-4580