Message from Principal Casey - Mensaje de Principal Casey

  • Kim Casey

    Principal’s Message

    Thank you for visiting Grandview High School’s website. The 21-22 school year finds us in navigating a new normal. We are happy to say that we have all students back in the building and are running our school as normal, with just a few extra safety precautions in place, as we continue to battle the COVID pandemic.  

    There are a few positive outcomes from navigating the pandemic.  Every student at GHS has their own laptop and we have hotspots available for our students to check out if they need WIFI at home. Students are way more comfortable navigating our learning management platform, CANVAS. Most importantly is the amazing resilience that our staff and students now have. The team at GHS has gained an attitude of “Bring It On!!”  Whatever is thrown at us we can find a solution and come out on top.

    The 21-22 school year has challenges of its own. We will be conducting WA State Smarter Balanced Assessments twice this year. In the fall students will take the assessment that they would have taken last spring and then during the spring of 2022 we will test again.  Please trust that we will be using this data to inform our teaching practices and to find ways to fill the gaps found in student learning from the last 18 months.

    With the full return of students for face-to-face learning even though we are still in the depths of the pandemic we need our students, families, and our community to partner with us in making sure that students are in school all day, every day. Students can’t learn if they are not in school.  If students must be gone for any reason, they can continue to manage their homework by logging into the CANVAS platform and completing their assignments from home. It is also very important to continue for them to communicate with their teachers by phone or email.

    Communication is the key to success. Regardless of the situation staff, students, and families have to communicate with our staff. Both students and staff are able to respond promptly and efficiently to each other and support.

    Please remember that graduation from high school is not the final step in a student’s journey but is the stage for a life full of learning. My role as principal is to work on behalf of the students, parents, staff, and community to make sure that the graduates are ready for their next phase of life.

    My door is always open, my phone is always on and I am happy to visit with you at a time that works for all. Whether you need to meet early in the morning or later in the evening I want you to know that your voice can and will be heard.

    May you and yours continue to be safe and healthy and the students at GHS have their best school year yet!!!

    Principal Kim Casey

    (509)882-8791 desk
    (509)790-1578 work cell