Educational Resource Packets

  • Educational Resource Packets - Starting on March 25, the Grandview School District has been mailing out packets of educational resources. The packets are being provided for students and families so students can keep up on skills - include reading, writing, math and critical thinking. These resource packets are being mailed on March 25, April 8, April 15 and April 23. The packet is in a regular white envelope and has 5 pieces of paper in it. While each school is mailing a packet, they each look a little different. The middle school packets include information depending on what grade your student is in. It is correct that these packets are not graded, but in no way does this mean they do not need to be done. The goal of these packets is to keep students engaged with school and thinking about their schoolwork while keeping their skills that they have learned so far this year.

    Printable copies of the packets are available below.

Links to Packets