GHS Syllabus Central

  • GHS is working to save paper and become a little more environmentally friendly by not printing approximately 6,300 syllabi each semester.  Many of the teachers will be asking your student to take home and have signed a document that states where the syllabus can be found and that you have seen it and/or acknowledge where you can find the information.

    On this webpage you will find information about the expectations for all classes at GHS. On the left side of the page are links to the specific syllabi for a specific class by department.

    At GHS we have common grading practices. This grading information includes the policy regarding late work, rules in regard to plagiarism and the district grading scale. This information is also found on each course’s specific syllabus.


    • Student attendance, attitude, and behavior will be reported separately from achievement.
    • Students will be scored on the quality of their work and the progress they make toward mastery of the concepts worked on in class.
    • Late work may be marked down.
    • Students have a minimum of five (5) school days beyond the assignment or assessment posted due date to complete it, unless there are extenuating circumstances.  A zero will be placed in the grade book when assignments are not turned in on the due date. The zero will remain until the work is complete or until the end of the five days.  When the work is complete the grade will be changed to the earned grade permitting it is within the timeframe specified above. Please understand that the zero will remain until the work is turned in AND scored.
    • Athletic/activity eligibility will not be taken into account in an effort to “hurry” to correct late work.
    • In the case of academic dishonesty (i.e. plagiarism) the student will be referred to the office to receive appropriate consequences.  Parents/guardians will be notified. First offense dishonesty will be given the opportunity to redo the work. Second offenses of dishonesty will receive a zero. If students are in a desperate panic, they should talk to their teacher BEFORE resorting to this type of damaging academic behavior.
    • Grades will be based on the whole body of evidence and a teacher’s professional judgment, by utilizing the most appropriate measure to determine proficiency.
    • Students will be included in the assessment processes throughout the learning cycle.
    • Students and families will be able to track progress through Skyward.
    • See District Grading Scale below.


District Grading Scale

Point Value Letter Grade High Percentage Low Percentage
4.00 A 100.00 93.00
3.70 A- 92.99 90.00
3.30 B+ 89.99 87.00
3.00 B 86.99 83.00
2.70 B- 82.99 80.00
2.30 C+ 79.99 77.00
2.00 C 76.99 73.00
1.70 C- 72.90 70.00
1.30 D+ 69.99 67.00
1.00 D 66.99 60.00
0.70 F 59.99 57.00
0.30 F 56.99 53.00
0.00 F 52.99 0.00