GMS Sexual Health Education Information

  • Here you will find the latest, up-to-date information on sexual health education at Grandview Middle School. Here you will have access to our current middle school sexual health education curriculum, access to our district policies and state laws regarding sexual health education, access to local health statistics and access to information on the process our district is going through to ensure that our sexual health education curriculum meets standards and is what's best for our students. 

    In the Grandview School District at the middle and high school levels, sexual health education is typically a one week section of a semester-long health class. At the elementary level fifth graders are typically given a one to two-hour presentation on puberty and their changing bodies. Curriculum in the Grandview School District is vetted by the district’s Curriculum Council, made up of teachers and administrators. The council looks at different curriculums then makes a recommendation to the board.

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  • Parent meeting on upcoming HIV/AIDS/Sexual health education lessons set for Jan. 8. On Tuesday, Jan. 8, at 6 p.m., there will be a short meeting in the GMS library for parents of GMS 1st semester Health & Fitness students about what will be covered during our upcoming HIV/Aids/Sexual health education lessons. The curriculum will also be available for review at GMS from Monday, Jan. 7, through Wed., Jan. 9, during the day. Waivers will be available at both of these events.

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  • Feb. 22, 2017 - A parent letter will be going home soon letting parents know when the sexual health portion of health class will be taught. According to the letter, which can be found here, the lessons will be taught in health classes beginning on Monday, March 19, and going through Wednesday, March 28. If you do not wish for your student to participate in these health lessons you must complete and sign the health education waiver, located here. All student instructional material will be available for review from Tuesday, Feb. 20, through Thursday, March 15, in the Grandview Middle School office. To review the curriculum simply come into the office between those dates and ask to review it. There is also a parent night to review curriculum and answer any parent questions set for 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 6, in the GMS library. The materials can also be found on the GMS website.

    Jan. 25, 2018 - During the Grandview Middle School Parent Night, held on Jan. 24, more than 60 parents packed into the school library to hear more about the the current sexual health eduation curriculum that is being used at GMS. Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Jose Rivera and GMS Athletic Director and PE teacher Kerri Eucker answered questions from parents and gave parents a first-hand look at the actual lessons being used in the classrooms. 

    Parents asked about everything from the different lessons that are taught to how they can have their children opt out of the lessons. Eucker explained that every year before they start the week-long sexual health portion of health class, a parent night is held where parents can come in and review the curriculum. After that, for parents who want to see the lessons in more detail, she makes the curriculum available for review for at least a week. Parents are invited to come into the office and spend time pouring over the lessons. Rivera said parents can choose to have their students opt out of certain lessons that will taught or have their student opt out of the entire sexual health section of the health class. 

    Rivera also talked to parents about his plan to create a sexual health committee, that will include parents. He said the committee will review the current curriculum to see if it meets state standards and then go forward from there.

    Jan. 19, 2018 -
    The Grandview School District wants to assure parents and the community that we are working hard to provide a quality learning experience for our students.

    On Tuesday, Jan. 16, during a regular meeting of the Grandview School Board the board voted to table the adoption of a Planned Parenthood backed middle school sexual health education curriculum. The curriculum, which was never implemented in our schools, was dropped following strong concern voiced by members of the community.

    As the school district prepares to move forward, school officials have decided it’s time to take a look at all current sexual health education curriculum currently being used districtwide.

    Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Jose Rivera said the district is planning to create a sexual health committee, which will likely include PE teachers from across the district, school nurses and parents. The committee will then compare the curriculums currently in use against state standards. Every subject taught in the state has a set of standards that districts are required to teach to, sexual health education is no different. Rivera said if the current sexual health education curriculum is found to meet state standards then the district will continue to use it. At Grandview Middle School, the current sexual health education curriculum has been created using parts from three different curriculums – The Great Body Shop, FLASH (created in King County) and KNOW (developed by OSPI).

    If during the review process, the curriculum is seen as only needing a few adjustments or supplements to meet state standards then those changes will be made. But if the curriculums aren’t close to meeting standards then a new curriculum will need to be vetted. If a new curriculum is needed, the Planned Parenthood curriculum will not be considered.

    If anyone is interested in joining the Grandview School District’s new sexual health committee please contact Jose Rivera’s office at (509) 882-8526 or contact him via email.