GMS Sexual Health Education Information

  • Here you will find the latest, up-to-date information on sexual health education at Grandview Middle School. Here you will have access to our current middle school sexual health education curriculum, access to our district policies and state laws regarding sexual health education, access to local health statistics and access to information on the process our district is going through to ensure that our sexual health education curriculum meets standards and is what's best for our students. 

    In the Grandview School District at the middle and high school levels, sexual health education is typically a one week section of a semester-long health class. At the elementary level fifth graders are typically given a one to two-hour presentation on puberty and their changing bodies. Curriculum in the Grandview School District is vetted by the district’s Curriculum Council, made up of teachers and administrators. The council looks at different curriculums then makes a recommendation to the board.

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