GHS 21st Century Program

  • 21st Century Grandview is an after-school and summer program funded by OSPI and managed by NCAC, a division of YVFWC. We operate with a small team of GHS staff members who put in extra hours after school to provide additional skill building and learning opportunities for our youth.  Our program offerings change every 6-8 weeks to allow for a wide array of activities.   
    Any student at GHS and Compass is welcome to attend our program.  Youth can collect a blue registration form from Mr. Gilliss at any time during the day.  There is no cost to students or their families to enroll and be a part of the program.   

Upcoming program offerings

  • The students are actively working on building skills in the following areas during the current 6 week cycle which is scheduled to end prior to Spring Break. 



    - For 30 minutes each Monday, attending youth are working on increasing their typing speed using online programs to enhance typing skills.

    - Youth will engage in a free and voluntary reading group with their peers.  No assignments, no homework, and no quizzes!  Reading for fun as it should be!  



    - Youth are split into two groups and are working on their swimming skills with their instructor. We have youth who swim at different levels and the instructor is meeting their needs based on where they're at.  


    Wednesdays - WEIGHT TRAINING 

    - Currently youth are learning how to navigate the weight room.  They are learning the different types of exercise programs and the results that each program produces.  They are being instructed how to properly and safely perform each lift. 


    Thursdays - 3D PRINTING

    - Youth are beginning to learn how the 3D printer works.  They have begun to learn the software used to print 3D images.  They are currently working on a 3D, 6 sided dye, and will soon be transitioning into creating their own 350x microscope which can be attached to their smartphone. 

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