Hounds Have Heart

  • Hounds Have Heart (aka H3) is a Youth Activist club in Grandview High School.  This club operates in partnership with the WE organization which strives to engage youth in local and global service efforts.  H3 was founded in 2013 and has since been a positive force in the community.  The club regularly has 60-100 attendees and meets every other Thursday at the High School.  
    2016-2017 H3 OFFICERS:
    Executive Officers 
    President: Alondra Perez      
    Vice President: Denisse Orozco      
    Secretary: Vanessa Caballero      
    Treasurer: Joanna Perez       
    Operational Officers
    Director of Awareness: Briseida Espindola      
    Director of Community Service: Briceida Ramos      
    Director of Social Media: Genny Prieto       
    Directors of Fundraising: Ana Marquez and Diana Marquez