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School Begins School Dismissal Friday Dismissal
7:40 a.m. 2:10 p.m. 12:55 p.m.

About Our School

    Grandview Middle School Grandview Middle School is a Tier II school serving 784 students and has been in school improvement since 2003. GMS is located in a small, agriculturally based community rich in history, tradition and diverse culture in the heart of Washington State’s Yakima Valley.
    Grandview Middle School’s Measure of Student Progress (MSP) scores more than doubled in some areas. Sixth grade math scores went from showing 17.3 percent of students passing to 37.1 percent. Eighth grade math went from 16.5 percent passing to 30.3 percent and seventh grade math also went up from 22.3 percent to 24.4 percent. Reading scores also improved in the sixth and eighth grade with the sixth grade going from 37.1 percent passing to 48.3 percent and the eighth grade reading scores going from 56.9 percent passing to 61.4 percent. And eighth grade science soared from 19.4 percent passing to 32.1 percent. The sixth grade math, as well as, eighth grade math, reading and science scores are the highest MSP or WASL scores ever for GMS.
    This was all possible because of all the hard work the GMS family of students, staff and parents put in last year. We also made our state School Improvement Grant goal of leveling up at least 15 percent of our students, as well as making Adequate Yearly Progress in 5 out of the 6 areas measured in Math. This has never been accomplished before.
    Grandview Middle School is in the second year of implementing a transformation model with Response to Intervention, or RTI, as an important component of our life. To complement the RTI model we have added Complex Instruction, which utilizes group work, group roles and questioning strategies that encourage students to be able to justify their answers. Now with RTI and Complex Instruction every single student will receive quality instruction, and all students will achieve at their highest level. We have solidified our commitment to implement bold and dramatic changes and we recognize the urgency for more and substantial growth.