Grandview Middle School Principals

GMS Principals

Message from Principal Heinle

  • Welcome to Grandview Middle School where “all students achieve at their highest level-no excuses!” The mindset that students can achieve goes far beyond the four walls of the classroom, it needs to be a belief that all students and families strive for.
    The Grandview School District strives to ensure that all schools are Focused on Instruction. This begins with having quality educators in front of your children for every class. To achieve this we focus on using research-based educational techniques and teachers are using instructional materials that are proven to help students at all levels. Grandview Middle School also supports instruction by having administration working with teachers and staff to have the best practices in every classroom. Our teachers work in teams to support all areas of your child’s education.
    The most important component of your child’s education is you. The staff at Grandview Middle School need your support and we need you to believe in your student. Please tell your child how important education is and tell them how much you believe in them. Daily reminders will let your child know that you are working with the school to give them the very best.
    Although it is very challenging sometimes, students need and appreciate a structured routine. Have time set aside daily to review their planner, look at the homework, and have conversations. Many things that take students off track can be taken care of with early intervention. Get involved with their lives and allow them to show you how truly amazing they are.

    Families and school staff are a team in this endeavor and we all need each other. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for allowing the Grandview Middle School to have the opportunity to spend time with your students. We all need to believe that at Grandview Middle School “all students achieve at their highest level-no excuses!”
    James Heinle