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Wellness Policy

 K-12 Review of Wellness Policy: Nutrition, Health, and PE Policy 6700

Agenda - January 6, 2023

District Office Professional Development Room 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. 

  1. Welcome and Introduction of Committee

    1. Members Present: Henry Strom-GSD Superintendent, Jose Rivera-Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Brad Shreeve- Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations, Chris Castillo-Director of Nutrition Services, Derek Anderson- Grandview High School Principal, Jennifer Mears- McClure Elementary Principal, Sheila Tiliano-Smith Elementary Principal, Physical Education Teachers: M. Marez, P. Parrish, D. Campos, Jared Lind-Ex. Director of Instructional Improvement and Assessment, Maria Cabrera- Curriculum Secretary

  1. Review and update GSD Policy GSD Policy 6700 Nutrition, Health, and Physical Education 

    1. The Nutrition, Health and Physical Fitness policy was evaluated by the above members of Grandview School District K-12 Health and Physical Education adoption committee members.  The identified areas of strength include meeting Nutrition and Food Service Program requirements, completion of K-12 student’s physical education requirements, Health and PE program aligned to state standards, and current research on research-based practices.  

    2. Areas approaching goals include meeting 20 minutes of seat time for lunch and scheduling recess before lunch for elementary students, ensuring compliance with the Smart Snacks in School standards in our secondary schools, developing and implementing a comprehensive wellness policy in compliance with state and federal requirements for districts participating in the National School Lunch Program.  

    3. Areas of continued work include ensuring the following requirements: 

      1. All students in grades one through eight receive an average of one hundred instructional minutes per week of physical education per year.  This will be evaluated during the 2022-23 annual review of PE programs. 

      2. Ensuring compliance with the Smart Snacks in School standards

    4. Suggestions for revision include implementing healthy snack options in our student vending machines and DECA store. 

  1. K-12 Health and Physical Education committee members plan to continue meeting to review these recommendations and continue meeting established goals.