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Federal & State Programs

About Federal & State Programs

The federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act emphasizes equal access to education, sets high standards for academic performance and demands a rigorous level of accountability from schools and districts. It authorizes an important group of education programs administered by the states. These programs support eligible schools and districts eager to raise the academic achievement of struggling learners and address the complex challenges that arise among students who live with disability, mobility problems, learning difficulties, poverty, transience and the need to learn a second language.

In the Grandview School District our Federal & State Programs help provide services to students identified as migrant, to English Language Learners (ELL), to low-income students who are achieving below grade level on state assessments and to 11th and 12th grade students who are at risk of not graduating.

You will find our support services programs and staff work closely with all district staff, parents and the community to address the unique needs of migrant, academically disadvantaged students and students from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds to assist them in achieving high academic and performance standards as expected for all students in Washington State.

We look forward to the continued support from our parents, educators and community and are committed to working in collaborative partnerships to help all students achieve at their highest. I invite you to navigate our site and learn more about Federal & State Programs in our district and look forward to your continued support.


Executive Director of Federal & State Programs

Dr. Luz Prieto


Federal & State Programs Secretary
Berta Gonzalez

Bilingual Records Secretary
Patty Mendoza

Migrant Records Clerk
Maria Roman

Migrant Education Program Recruiter
Ana Gonzalez-Maldonado

GMS ESL Student Advocate
Leonela Contreras

GHS ESL Student Advocate
Delores Gonzalez

Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction

This is where to find information on various state requirements, as well as general information on school districts across the state.