Cyberbullying Prevention & Internet Safety Information

  • The internet offers a wealth of resources and material for education. Accessed through a variety of electronic devices, it also allows for rich and diverse opportunities for 21st century communications. These devices are becoming ever more diverse and ubiquitous. They raise issues of digital/internet safety and digital citizenship. Along with ensuring our young people have the technological skills to effectively use digital devices, platforms and resources for educational purposes, we also have the responsibility to teach them how to be safe and productive digital citizens of the 21st century. 

    Washington's ant-bullying law includes the prohibition of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is bullying using electronic devices to initiate repeated negative behavior toward a less-powerful person. Electronic name-calling, shunning and shaming are all forms of cyberbullying. So are spreading rumors, gossiping and making threats online. Schools are permitted to discipline students who engage in cyberbullying if it disrupts the orderly operation of school.


    Below are links to resources in both English and Spanish that talk about ways to keep our children safe online.

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