Our Promise

  • The Grandview SD Tech Department is here to serve you. In support of that goal, we want our customers to know the standards we set to deliver high-quality technology solutions for teachers, staff, students, and parents. With every support request we strive to:

    1. Communicate: We will always let you know when we've tried to make contact or done work on a ticket, either by email voice mail or both. You can expect to understand the problem, solution, and how to get additional support in the future.
    2. Document: We will make notes explaining the work done and tracking progress. When a ticket is closed, you will receive notes describing resolution of the issue. Documentation of all issues allows our team to resolve recurring issues more quickly.
    3. React Quickly: If you stop us in the hall, we strive to provide at least 5 minutes to support the presented issue. If we can't solve the problem quickly, we'll politely request you create a Helpdesk ticket so we can track and respond to your issue in the order it was received. If we can't solve an issue alone after 10 minutes, we'll reach out to our teammates for additional help. No one knows everything!
    4. Engage and Escalate: All tickets are reviewed daily. Staff who are able to respond to specific problems will do so. Issues for which staff have no solution will be referred out or escalated as appropriate.


    Our team seeks to serve you with CLASS at every contact. Please make sure we always:

    • Connect: Say hello and let you know you're important.
    • Listen: Listen to your problem, ask questions, and make sure we're solving your REAL problem.
    • Assess: Identify the specific problem or problems.
    • Solve: Fix everything you needed (within our control).
    • 'Splain: Explain what was done to fix the issue in terms you understand.