Virtual Open House

  • The Grandview School District proudly presents the results of its Key Stakeholder Interview Process designed to gather feedback and insight from the community about the future of your Grandview schools.
    The district hired a third-party provider, edTactics, to conduct interviews with key stakeholders from around the community to find out how they feel about the past, present and future of Grandview schools. The information below is the result of those interviews.
    We appreciate you taking the time to look through this information and provide your feedback.
    We hope you'll take the time to read through each of the three areas featuring key themes that rose from the stakeholder interview process.
    We hope you'll share any comments or thoughts you might have regarding these key themes. Please email any comments, thoughts or questions directly to edTactics, with the subject line Grandview. Then your comments will be included as the district works to turn this information into an action plan. 


  • Summary
    Generally, the Grandview community would like to hear more from the district using a variety of different methods including district newsletters, the newspapers and both electronic and social media outlets such as the district's website and Facebook. 
    District strengths included:
    • Many stakeholders referred to the district newsletter as an excellent source for news and information, however they also mentioned that they did not know how often the newsletter was being released.
    • Several stakeholders mentioned reading about district news and events in the local newspapers. Some even suggested a regular column or section of the newspaper being dedicated to district news. This approach was also tempered with the stakeholders discussing the lack of newspaper readership and how many community members no longer get the newspaper.
    • Some stakeholders mentioned an electric newsletter that is sent out via email that they appreciate, however, like the paper newsletter, there was little knowledge of how often the newsletter is regularly sent out.
    District needs included:
    • Many stakeholders stated that if community members did not have children currently attending the schools, they wouldn't know anything about the schools i.e. community members without children in the district are not being informed.
    • Many stakeholders suggested that the district find ways to reach people who aren't participating in district events and using different methods of reaching them including both traditional and electronic media.
    • Several stakeholders stated that there was a lack of trust between the community and the district, stating that it seems as though the district doesn't always present the entire truth or all of the facts. 


  • Summary
    In general, the Grandview community believes the school district does a good job planning ahead and procuring facilities that will enable future growth, specifically withe the purchase of the city park and the improvements made to the elementary schools.
    The Grandview community believes the Grandview High School needs improvements and will be the target for the district's next bond. That being said, stakeholders expressed a lack of knowledge in what the high school would need as well as the current state of the high school, even while stating that they felt the high school does, in fact, need work. 
    Community members also expressed wanting to see other needs including the elimination of portables, the creation of a performing arts center, and the completion of the swimming pool project with the city.
    Specific priorities included:
    • Many stakeholders believe that the high school will be the district's next target for improvements. Although this issue was stated by many stakeholders, there was some confusion expressed as to what the improvements would be or the current state of the high school.
    • Many stakeholders mentioned that the district has too many portables, particularly at the middle school. In general, these stakeholders feel that the district should work on creating permanent classroom spaces and eliminate portable use.
    • Several stakeholders mentioned the need for an auditorium or performing arts center for both musical and dramatic performances.
    • A few stakeholders stated that the district should address needs at all of the schools, not just the high school, with the next bond.
    • A few stakeholders expressed interest in having the district continue working with the city to finish the swimming pool project. 


  • Summary
    In general, the Grandview community appreciates the academic strength of the Grandview School District as well as the district's offering of athletics and extracurricular activities. Resoundingly, stakeholders pointed to the need to maintain the balance of academics and extracurricular activities (including athletics), and the need to offer the options for professional development and personal growth.
    Specific priorities included:
    • Many stakeholders want to see continued investment in a wide range of course offerings including STEM, electives and advanced coursework.
    • Many stakeholders pointed to the success of the DECA program and the need for the district to continue its investment in ensuring the longevity of the program. Stakeholders also mentioned Running Start, Gear-Up and other programs that the district offers as being extremely beneficial to students.
    • Many stakeholders mentioned the balance between academic programs and extra curricular clubs with athletics, stating that the district does a good job of offering athletic opportunities without making athletics too much of a focus. These stakeholders stated they would like to see the district continue to maintain this balance.
    • Many stakeholders identified the need to properly value teachers and administrators to ensure their ongoing support of the district including offering professional development opportunities and the ability for teachers to develop engaging curriculum.
    • A few stakeholders mentioned the need to keep up with current technology but also to ensure that teachers have the ability to use the technology in their classrooms, both in terms of access as well as physical classroom space.

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