Cancellations & Delays - Winter Weather

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     Inclement Weather
    Learning about how inclement weather is affecting our local schools is easy. To get immediate information about a possible school cancellation or two-hour delay, visit the district's website at The information will also be sent out via a push notification to everyone who has downloaded the GSD app, as well as posted to our Grandview School District Facebook and Instagram accounts. You can also visit the District's Flash Alert Notification system. This information is also distributed to the area's local radio and television stations, and is available through the school district's automated phone service.
    Download the Grandview School District app to get the latest information from the district.
    You’re invited to visit the App Store/Play Store and download our Grandview School District app; be the first to know about school delays and cancellations. Click here to find the app in the App Store. Click here to find the app in the Play Store.

    Automated Phone Service
    If you have a working telephone number in the school buildings' record system, you will receive an automated phone call for school closures and delays. To update your phone number contact the building where your child attends class. You can also provide your email or cell phone number and get closure information sent to you via email or text. This service is also provided for all emergency events, so be sure to keep your contact information up-to-date to take advantage of this service.

    Two-Hour Delays
    In case of a two-hour delay, it is important to remember that everything is delayed by two hours, from bus pick-ups to the start-of-class bell. If we delay the start of school by two hours, buses will pick up and schools will open two hours later than normal. For example, a student who is normally picked up by the bus at 7:15 a.m. will be picked up at 9:15 a.m. in the case of a two-hour delay.

    When delays occur Monday through Thursday the school dismissal time will not change. If there is a two-hour delay on an early release Friday, there will be NO EARLY RELEASE - students will be released at the same time they would during a regular full school day.

    Two-Hour Delay Schedule
    Note: There is no morning preschool and no morning YV Tech on days with a two-hour delay and there is no breakfast served. Students will be sent home the usual way, unless a signed note is sent from the parent stating otherwise.

    Tune to one of these radio or TV stations:
    KLES 101.7 GM • KATS 94.5 FM • KFFM 107.3 FM • KIT 1280 AM • KMWX 1460 AM • KDNA 91.9 FM • Mi Gallo Radio 101.7 FM • KREW 97.6 FM and 1210 AM • KAPP/KVEW • KEPR • KNDO/KNDU