Medication at School

  • Under normal circumstances, prescribed and over-the-counter medication should be dispensed before and after school hours under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Prescription medications and over-the-counter oral medications may only be used by students or given to students at school when a written authorization from a licensed health professional prescribing the medication is on file at your child's school. Medication cannot be given without the completed forms per RCW 28A.210.260 and Grandview School District Policy 3416

    In order to give your child medication at school, an   Authorization to Administer Medication at School form  must be completed and signed by both the healthcare provider and parent/guardian.

    For a student to carry their emergency medication, the healthcare provider, parent, and school nurse must all agree that the child is capable of self-administration.  

    Medications should be brought to school by parents. Students cannot bring medication to school. Schools can not hold more than a 20-day supply of medication.Each medication must be delivered to the school in its original container with a label including the following: 

    • Student name
    • Date issued
    • Name of medication 
    • Name of health care provider
    • Exact dosage
    • Time to be given
    • Expiration date

    Directions on the medication form must match the directions on the prescription bottle/container. 

    If half doses have been prescribed, the parent/guardian has to cut the medication tablets before supplying them to school. 

    Providing the required paperwork, authorization and medication will help make school a safe and healthy place for your child. If your child no longer needs to receive emergency medication, please fill in and sign the Discontinuation of Medication form. 


    The school nurse will contact you prior to the last day of school to remind the parent/guardian to pick up your medication. Medications left at school after the last day of school will be destroyed.