Student Attendance During COVID Closure

  • Students Must Make Contact Every Week

    Starting April 7, teachers started making regular contact with students checking in and answering questions about the review packets mailed home to them. New teaching and learning launched April 27, for secondary students and May 4, for elementary students. Students will continue to learn remotely while our buildings are closed. This will continue through June 17, for the 2019-2020 school year. A student must make a good faith effort to engage in their schoolwork.

    Teachers will take student attendance every week between April 27 and June 17. A student will be marked present if any of the following happened during the week:

    • Student participated in a virtual session (office hour)
    • Student submitted an assignment
    • Student/parent had a phone conversation via Google Voice with the teacher
    • Student/parent and the teacher participated in any form of two-way communication

    Weekly, each school will report the percentage of students attending virtual learning. This attendance report will be posted on our district website with the goal of increasing our overall percentage weekly attendance each week.

    If you know that your child will be unable to participate in continuous learning during a particular week, please contact the teacher(s). Find contact information on through our online staff directory.

    *Student attendance will not be used when determining student grades during the COVID closure.





    Revised 5.27.20