G Suite for Education Privacy Practices

  • The Grandview School District provides certain personal information to Google for the purpose of G Suite for Education account creation. What personal information is given, and how that information is used is described below. 

    Using their G Suite for Education accounts, students may access and use the following Core Services offered by Google. Click here to find the a summary of services.

    • Gmail (including Inbox by Gmail) 
    • Calendar 
    • Drive 
    • Docs  
    • Forms  
    • Keep 
    • Sheets  
    • Slides  

    In addition, we also allow students to access certain other Google services with their G Suite for Education accounts. Specifically, your child may have access to "Additional Services" (e.g. YouTube, Blogger, Google Maps). You can learn more about what Additional Services are, and how they differ from Core Services, in the Help Center

    Google provides details about the information it collects, as well as how it uses and discloses the information it collects from G Suite for Education accounts in its G Suite for Education Privacy Notice. You should review that information in its entirety, but you can find answers to some common questions on the G Suite FAQ page found on the left.