GSD Insider - Ver Que Pasa

  • Welcome to your new Grandview School District newsletter - the GSD Insider Que Esta Pasando.

    During the year, this newsletter goes out to our readers in two forms – every Monday we publish (using social media, our GSD app & our website) a short list of upcoming events & news. Then every quarter we will mail out an in-depth printed newsletter to the community filled with upcoming events, stories & photos. We’re looking forward to keeping our community informed with our new newsletter.

    Our newsletter is designed to keep you up-to-date on the exciting things happening throughout the district, including student projects, awards and important upcoming dates. 

    We hope you'll enjoy our newsletter, whether you're a parent, a student, a staff member, an alumnus or a member of our community. Because, as you know, community support is integral to the success of our schools and our students.

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