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  • School is closed today - Friday, Jan. 14

    School is closed today - Friday, Jan. 14. Due to icy conditions all schools are closed at the Grandview School District all day Friday. See our detailed cancellation and delays schedule at www.gsd200.org/delays for more information.

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  • Sporks.The Grandview School District Nutrition Services Department is excited to announce the arrival of our new reusable fork/spoon combination flatware. Our new reusable flatware is going to be distributed to every student on Tuesday, Jan. 11, replacing the disposable spork kits (a spork and napkin packaged together) our students have been using for the past few years.

    There are a couple of things that have created the need to make this change. One of them is the difficulty in getting sporks. Supply issues have made it nearly impossible for us to find sporks or any other type of plastic flatware. The other issue is that there is now a state bill in place, effective Jan. 1, that no longer allows us to provide spork kits to our students.

    We are trying to look at the bright side of this issue. The new reusable flatware will mean fewer plastic utensils are going in the trash. It will also mean students will have a hearty tool for eating lunch.

    We recognize that this is going to seem like a big change. But we are hoping to make the transition as smooth as possible.

    On Tuesday, each student will be given the new reusable flatware, which comes in its own special protective case. They will also receive a flyer introducing the flatware and giving care instructions. Please take a few minutes to find and review the flyer, which states that the new flatware will need to be washed regularly and kept with students so they can use it to eat their daily breakfast and lunch.

    We anticipate some of you will have some questions:
    1. Why don’t we just buy metal flatware and wash it in the kitchen?
    This is a great question. Most of our kitchens are not equipped to handle washing the trays let alone adding flatware. It would require a significant remodel in order to accommodate this. The other consideration is safety and cost. Anyone that has used lightweight metal forks has likely noticed how sharp they are. Unfortunately, we live in a time where we have to consider the potential for injury both accidental and intentional.

    2. Why now?
    Another great question. The WA legislature passed a bill that prohibits the use of certain disposable products. We are all aware by now of the $0.08 bags at stores. We have all had to start taking our own bags for groceries. This is an extension of that legislation. Starting Jan. 1, we are no longer allowed to provide disposable flatware. Students would have to request them. Additionally, we are no longer allowed to provide bundled utensils. Our spork kits contain several items making them banned. Also asking each student if they want flatware would dramatically slow down the lunch lines.

    We know this will be different and will take some getting used to. Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.

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  • Notice to Contractors: In compliance with RCW.28A.335.190, RCW 39.04.155, and District Policy, applications are now being accepted at the Business office of the Grandview School District No. 200 from Contractors requesting to be placed on the District’s Small Works Roster for the period of January 2022 through December 2022. Qualified general contractors wishing to be considered for projects estimated to cost up to $350,000 are encouraged to submit applications. Contractors will receive bidding information and be considered for performing work on Public Works Projects. For application forms visit us at www.gsd200.org/RFP. For further information interested contractors should emailcfonseca@gsd200.org or call (509) 882-7146 or 882-8503.

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  • Cultivating Kindness

    We are excited to announce that we are starting a new program in the district – Cultivating Kindness! Cultivating Kindness aims to recognize employees for the impact they have made through amazing customer service and communication.

    We know our staff is amazing and that we have people who are always willing to go the extra mile for our students and their families. We want to recognize these people and the impact their actions have on our school district and community as a whole.

    Every month – October through May – we will recognize three employees. Employees will be nominated by their peers or people in the community. You can nominiate someone using the Google Form linked below, by clicking the nominiation button in the GSD app or by filling out a physical nominiation form at your school.

    Every month we will accept nominations through the 15th of that month. Then our Cultivating Kindness Committee will go through the nominations and select three people to be honored at the second school board meeting of that month.

    We are excited to launch this new program and hear the stories of how our employees are making an impact on the lives of our families.

    Click here to nominate someone who has made a difference.

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  • Be sure you are getting the most up-to-date information from the Grandview School District and our schools. You’re invited to visit the App Store/Play Store and download our Grandview School District app. The app allows you to get push notifications from your child's school, be the first to know about school delays and cancellations, it gives you a direct link to your student's teachers and school calendars are now in the palm of your hand. We invite everyone to download the app and give it a try. Click here to find the app in the App Store. Click here to find the app in the Play Store.

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  • Do you & your students want to know what's for lunch? Keep up-to-date with mobile app. Remember, finding out what's for lunch or breakfast throughout the district is as easy as checking your phone. This year the school district has started using Health-e-Living to create and broadcast our menus and a part of that is the My School Menus app. The app is available in the Apple App Store or the Google Play store under My School Menus. The app makes it a snap to find out what's cooking.

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